the Land of Phitai


In Thai 'sawadee' means:
hello, goodbye, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, greetings.

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So Thailand is situated where?

And Phitsanulok ?

In the graphics above I enumerated the countries in Africa
which are situated at about the same latitude as Thailand.
The following countries in Africa are situated at the same
latitude as Thailand:
Ethiopia, Somalia, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali,
Mauretanien, Togo, Niger, Nigeria, Arabia, Jemen, Chad and Sudan.

Phitsanulok is situated about 400 km north of Bangkok in Thailand.

Thailand's territory covers a substantial part of Southeast Asia's
landmass and extends from the limbs of the Himalaya in the northwest
to Peninsular Malaysia in the south. It's the western border of the
Gulf of Thailand which is a part of the South China Sea.
The shape of Thailand reminds us of the head of an elephant.
The length of Thailand (north-south) is around 1770 km,
the width a bit more than 800 km.

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Thailand has a 9-year compulsory education system.
The illiteracy rate, established by UNESCO, is around 3%,
which is the same level as the European Union.

United Kingdom - Thailand

Official language English
Capital London
Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Head of state
Queen Elisabeth ll
Political leader
Prime Minister
Area 244.820 km^(2)
Population 61.612.300 (2009 estimate)
Population density
246 per km^(2)
Pound sterling (1 GBP = 100 pence)
National anthem
God safe the Queen
Time zone
GMT (UTC0), BST (UTC+1) March - October
License plate number GB

Official language Thai
Capital Bangkok
Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Head of state
Political leader
Prime Minister
Area 513.115 km^(2)
64.185.502 (Juli 2005)
Population density
125,1 per km^(2)
Baht (1 THB = 100 Satang)
National anthem
Phleng Chat
Time zone
UTC+7 no Summertime
License plate number T

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The tropical climate in Thailand
can be divided roughly into three seasons:

Summer from March to May
Rainy season (with a lot of sun) from June to September and the chill season from October to February
Chilly is called, here the temperatures decrease up to 25 degrees of C! The best months for a Bangkok stay are January and February.
Afterwards, from March to May, it becomes very hot, it does not rain allzuoft, but because of the heat inspection tours or are able be disagreeable tours.
The hottest month is April, in Bangkok almost unbearably.
The rainiest one is September, if some parts of the capital are flooded now and then for a short time.
There is an average air humidity of 77%.
The weather of Phitsanulok look at Welcome

Please click on the picture to hear or sing along with the national anthem.
Fruits in Thailand
Poisonous animals of Thailand

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